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The History of Luxurious Magazine

We are a privately owned magazine based upon the principles of honesty and integrity. Our global team of experienced journalists travel the world, testing, reviewing, and writing on subjects of direct interest to the readers.

The magazine was born in 2004 under the name of Exclusive Magazine (see Waybackmachine). In 2010, while living in Malaysia, its founders, Paul and Natasha Godbold decided to register the intellectual property for Luxurious Magazine® and the magazine you know today came to life.

With the huge take-up of mobile devices, Paul felt strongly that there was little need for print magazines and he could replicate the quality and the feel of a print magazine online minus the large amount of advertising. After much research, he was shocked to discover the huge prices charged to appear in a printed magazine and embarked on trying to change the way the luxury lifestyle publishing industry worked.

One of the main attractions of our Magazine to brands around the world is we have a policy of not deleting our articles and features. This was introduced to eliminate one of the main selling points of a print magazine – longevity. Our articles will be around far longer than those published within print equivalents.

Luxurious Magazine does not engage in politics and religion and has a policy of avoiding publishing anything salacious. There’s far too many news resources who’s sole aim is to shock, offend, titillate, scare, while spreading lies, personal and political views. This is something we are against.

Luxurious Magazine Logo two line versionWe would like to think that we’ve become the type of news resource people such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee envisaged while developing the internet. A place where people can learn, not be shocked, tracked or made to feel bad. Luxurious Magazine is designed to educate and inspire leaving our readers feeling happy and satisfied.

We would urge those interested in working with us to pick a story from the front page of the online magazine and see where it ranks on any of the leading search engines. Then ask yourselves why you are paying money to an SEO specialist, agency or for a costly online advertising program?

Luxurious Magazine did have a print edition, but this was discontinued in 2017 as Paul found his conscience could not justify the industry-standard advertising costs. He felt that most publishers vastly over-inflated their audience sizes. In addition, people paying to be featured were engaging in a game of chance. With some magazines having in excess of 250 pages, and advertisers paying thousands for a single page, this offered a one-in-250 chance of getting noticed and who in their right mind would want that?

With the arrival of COVID-19, many outlets are shying away from printed editions for fear of spreading the virus, so Paul’s decision to discontinue the print edition was in hindsight a very wise one.

We’ve published on this current online platform since the beginning of 2010.

  • We carry no pop-up or display advertising.
  • We have a highly experienced and qualified editorial team.
  • Our articles are constantly accessed each day due to our high-level SEO optimisation.

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We do not track you
We take your privacy very seriously and use an encrypted connection. Unlike almost every other global news site/magazine, we do not use any trackers. This is confirmed by the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo who rates us as B+. The company’s CEO, Gabriel Weinberg has gone on record stating: “hardly any sites get an A”. It should also be noted that DuckDuckGo finds nothing to block on this website

Luxurious Magazine visitor statistics
In an age where it is almost impossible to know whether what it is you are reading is the truth, spin, manipulation or an outright lie, we have opted to take a uniquely honest approach.Luxurious Magazine November 2020 numbers

If we look at the traffic on our servers, it shows between 3-4 million visits each month. However, anyone with experience of this field knows this consists of genuine visitors, image views and a variety of other things.

Our focus is on genuine unique visitors staying for what we feel is a reasonable amount of time on a page.

The number of unique and verifiable visitors coming to Luxurious Magazine in 2020 has been as high as 279,500 during a single month. During an average month, Luxurious Magazine receives more than one million article reads.

You can read more about our audience size and our non-direct readership in this dedicated article HERE.

About Luxurious Magazine 3

After more than ten years and many thousands of articles, Luxurious Magazine is still here and continues to hold strong relationships with thousands of global brands who appreciate the importance of high-quality, easy to understand editorial presented in the right way.

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To ensure that we provide a more comprehensive coverage of the UK, we’ve moved our administration and operations from London to Lancashire in the North-West of England, the telephone numbers remain the same and the UK editorial team will still be predominantly London-based.

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